Davis 6316C – Cabled Weather Envoy

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The Cabled Weather Envoy (6316C) provides a quick and easy way to get weather data onto your Windows 95 or later computer or Macintosh OS X computer when used in conjunction with WeatherLink software. WeatherLink allows you to log weather data, display graphs and plots on your computer, export weather data to a spreadsheet, and to upload weather information to the internet.

The Weather Envoy includes sensors to measure inside temperature, inside humidity, and barometric pressure. It is intended to be used in conjunction with the Davis Cabled Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS) (models 6322C, 6327C, or 6152C) to report outside temperature, humidity, rain fall, wind speed and direction. Using optional sensors the Weather Envoy can also report solar radiation and UV. The Weather Envoy may be powered by batteries or by the included AC-power adapter.


Required for Operation:

The following Davis Instruments products are required for use with your Envoy:

  • Any version of the Datalogger – WeatherLink software (Windows version 5.2 or later (models 6510USB, 6510SER, 6540, 6550, 6560, #6510C), Mac OS X version 5.01 or later (6520, 6520C)).

  • Cabled integrated sensor suite or Cabled integrated sensor suite plus. (models 6322C, 6327C, or 6152C)

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