Davis 6620 – Special Price last items – Activated Vantage Connect Cellular WeatherLink Network for Wireless Systems

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Remote weather data, versatile integration. Cellular-based, solar-powered unit sends remote weather station data to the Internet.

Vantage Connect sends comprehensive weather data to the web from remote locations, such as vacation or rental homes, ranches, orchards, farms, vineyards and fire hazard areas that lack power or a person to monitor the weather.


What is Vantage Connect?

  • A weather station receiver and cellular modem.
  • Solar powered with battery backup; does not require any external power sources.
  • Self-contained in a weather-resistant shelter.


How does Vantage Connect work?

  • Uploads weather data through a cellular connection to in 5, 15, or 60-minute intervals, depending on the service plan you choose.
  • Alerts you to alarm conditions in the field the moment they occur.
  • Pairs with Davis’ Vantage Pro2 or Vantage Vue integrated sensor suite.


This Product Package Includes

  • Vantage Connect receiver and cellular modem
  • Product Activation (Davis item number 6645) is included but you will still need to purchase a Service plan directly from Davis: 5-minute Updates (#6632A), 15-minute Updates (#6634A), 60-minute Updates (#6636A)
  • Heavy-duty battery backup
  • WeatherLink software
  • Your own WeatherLink Network account on with purchase of a Vantage Connect service plan
  • Hardware to mount to a vertical pole


Service Plan & Activation Information

This product requires a service plan but not a one-time activation fee as it is already included (Davis #6645). Click here to Select Your Service Plan. Remember to REMOVE the activation fee that is automatically added to your cart on the davis website.



Compatibility & System Requirements

IMPORTANT: This unit is specific for the USA only.

  • The wireless Vantage Connect integrates with:
    • Any existing Vantage Pro2 or Vantage Vue weather station or Weather Envoy
    • Up to eight wireless Davis Weather Stations, including:
      • 1 Vantage Pro2 or Vantage Vue ISS
      • 1 Wireless Leaf & Soil Moisture/Temperature Station
      • 2 Wireless Temperature/Humidity Stations
      • 3 Wireless Temperature Stations
      • 1 Anemometer/Sensor Transmitter Kit
  • Requires at least one Davis Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS) or special purpose station.
  • A console or Envoy is not required.
  • WeatherLink software requires a computer running Windows® XP or above.
  • iPhone®, Android™ and tablet compatible.
  • Not compatible with original Vantage Pro, Envoy8X, or Mac Software.



In areas with prolonged periods of low light and accessible power, add the 6710 Optional AC Charger Kit.

Replace Vantage Connect’s internal temperature probe with an external temperature probe (6475 or 6477).

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